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Phone: Amber McGuire, Manager (509) 413-9654
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Spokane, WA
United States of America

(509) 413-9654

Young and traditional Celtic music, featuring sweet vocal harmonies, and rich bowed strings.

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If you're looking for that not-so-helpful link we referred you to, chances are, you can find it here. We've also put some links to some other pages you may want to watch.

Spokane Folklore Society - We'd always like the folk community in Spokane to center around us, but when we asked if we could take over the Folklore Society's website, we got such an enthusiastic "yes" that we gave it back as quickly as possible. makes a great story, anyway. These folks provide the hub of all the folk artists (mostly music, but other art forms as well) in the greater Spokane area. The folks running the website do a great job with a lot of widely varying information on no salary, so be sure and check out ways you can support them.

Carlos Alden - After being a key member of the late, great Celtic Nots, and continuing in his job as a KPBX radio host, Carlos Alden was the right man to record (and mix) our album. He's mentored us (very gently) in various ways since, and if you have questions about being a folk musician, Carlos Alden is an amazing source of wisdom. His studio doesn't have a website we can link to, but we've linked to his weekly station's page.

DogCreek Digital Studios - There are only a handful of guys in the US who master CD's for acoustic bands, and whadyaknow, one of them lives right here in Spokane! Jeff Stewart is fantastic at what he does, and watching him edit our CD was like watching an origami master turn a flat paper into a beautiful 3D sculpture!

O'Doherty's Irish Grille - A taste (quite literally) of Ireland is only minutes away from you. O'Doherty's is a family-friendly pub, and the food is excellent (be sure to try their Scotch Eggs)! Visit on most Sunday nights to listen to a live traditional Celtic session.

The Kelly Irish Dancers - we do a number of our gigs with these excellent dancers, and they have an annual spring recital at the Bing (it's really more like a full-on concert) in which Mrs. Evans has graciously shared her stage with us the past three years. They combine the traditional, local, friendly roots of Irish step dancing with a vision as large as Riverdance. The result? Phenomenal dancing on-stage, and warm friendship off-stage.