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Based on a True Story

We’re releasing our third album, “Based on a True Story,” on a summer Saturday evening: June 16, 8:00 pm! We’ll be releasing it in an intimate concert at the Bartlett, a classy venue in downtown Spokane. Tickets available now!
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Rowan Street (2015)

We play a lot of folk, small-town music, in a large urban center, and that contrast forms the idea behind the album name Rowan Street. The rowan tree, or mountain ash, is a symbol in ancient Celtic cultures, and as we happen to practice frequently on a local “Rowan" street, we’re symbolizing this blend between ancient and modern, between rural and urban, between soft, poetic rain, and parched, realistic ground. Because Celtic music - or any music, really, is an expression of us, what we aspire to, and what life is really like, and since we see the world as pretty and beautiful, we hope to capture that beauty in our music.


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Broken Whistle (2014)

As our début album, this collection of songs has a particular emphasis on the enormous variety found even within the traditional Celtic genre, but it also stays true to the tradition of fiery, musical gracefulness. You can even see this thread in our cover art. Our unique sound draws from many different styles, from a little classic rock and jazz to classical orchestral pieces, to traditional Irish and Celtic, and back again to R&B, electronic, and hip-hop, but all of the various sounds contribute in their own ways to the traditional Celtic style.